Monday, October 7, 2013

Day Forty Eight

I'm happy to report that Henry returned from the Amazon alive and in one piece.  He seems different. Older, I guess.  He brought gifts back for everyone and showed us an impressive new skill: the natives taught the kids how to make blow dart guns (I KNOW!) and Henry blew a dart right into our concrete wall with his gun.  He also went to a meat market in Manaus and came back a total vegetarian.  Will not even consume fish.  Here's a few pics the school sent:
Swimming with pink dolphins.  You may need sunglasses to pick out which child is mine.

According to Henry, these guys taught them some dances and the women wore coconuts so the seventh graders "wouldn't have to see their boobs".

There appears to be a monkey on my kid

Jack returned from Sao Paulo Model UN in one piece as well.  He and his partner won "Best Delegation", representing Syria.  So proud of my blow dart-wielding, argument-winning boys!

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Heather Dray said...

Blow.Darts. BLOW DARTS!!?????