Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day Fifty Seven

Fifty seven days, yo!  Only 299 to go. It's been a disappointing week for Jack, who was supposed to go to Ecuador with Global Issues Network, a volunteer group he leads at school.  We didn't have the proper paperwork from both parents and it was impossible to make it happen in the short amount of time we were given.  I wasn't about to chance just sending him and having him get stuck in Panama or Ecuador with no parents and a government shutdown, so I made the difficult decision to cancel his ticket.  On the bright side, I took him out for shwarmas, and I'm pretty sure savory meat wrapped in flatbread was just as good as going to Ecuador.

The girls went to an insane birthday party for one of their classmates on Sunday.  Seven-piece band plus a deejay for during the breaks, a bar manned by four bartenders for blended concoctions, full dinner set-up, and dessert bar.  Then, there were massage tables lined up and the girls all got massages by professional masseuses.  Swimming, dancing, a photo booth with a bunch of zany props, and personalized Havaianas (Brazilian flip flops) for each girl.  And puppies to play with.  Nope, I am totally not kidding.  I love that my kids get to go to these over-the-top Brazilian parties and still seem happy with the lame-ass American style parties I throw.

Henry is still a vegetarian.

I helped my friend Katie throw a cowgirl ladies' party on Saturday night.  I think we had a really good time, judging by the way I felt the next day.

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