Saturday, April 13, 2013

Iguacu Falls

We just got back from spending a week at Iguacu Falls in Brazil, Argentina, and a tiny little bit of Paraguay. We had an amazing time, I got eaten alive, and we will never forget it. I'm way too lazy to write about it again, but I did write about it here if you want to hear about my Honey Baked Ham feet.  Here are a few of the 650 photos we snapped:
Banana splits poolside were an afternoon ritual. For the kids, that is. I enjoyed my calories in liquid form.

Jack and Henry working on putting me in an early grave.


I'm wearing a bun because like an idiot, I flat-ironed my hair that morning. Everything was covered in a fine mist from the falls the moment we stepped into the park. I looked like I had a 3 foot afro.

Jungle Tour

Getting ready to go under the falls in a boat.  Way fun!
The marker where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet.


Just a few of the many birds we saw.

Requitsite photo ops from the bird park

Jack trying to decide if he should get this stylish coat at a street fair.

Olivia. 90 degrees and extreme humidity, but alas, apparently she was feeling foxy.

Largest dam in the world!

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Lynda said...

Love the adventures you are having. Can't wait to hear what's next (hint?) Thanks for your posts from your post.