Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Mitch's project is coming to an end here in Brasilia.  Many of you already know where his next assignment is going to be, what with all the carrying-on and whatnot around here. Anyway, he finally got his official cable (it's called a handshake in the Foreign Service), and I can't exactly say I'm "happy" to report that he is headed to....

Kabul, Afghanistan
Without us.  For one year.  The kids and I will remain in Brasilia.  Are we excited?  Nope. Of course, not. But if you know us at all, you know we weighed every option very carefully before we came to this decision.  I'm not going to go into the reasons, because they are only important to us, but I will ask this.  Please don't judge us (behind our backs is totally fine, just don't get all judgy to my face, yo). Please don't get all weepy-eyed at me, because I'm a cry-baby already and I don't need any added incentive to let the waterworks flow. Please don't say things to me like, "I would/could never let my husband leave me and my children for a year/go to a warzone!"  These are just a few examples of things I've already heard.

I don't want to finish this post on a downer, though, so here's a list of things we are looking forward to in the coming year:
  • Mitch will get to come home three times during the tour for three weeks each visit. 
  • Jack will get to graduate with his class and (hopefully) complete his IB Diploma.
  • Breakfast for dinner!
  • I won't have to read my Kindle under the covers. I will also claim the middle of the bed.
  • I hear you can get some pretty cool rugs in the Middle East
  • The girls are looking forward to getting Burka Barbies. Okay, no, they aren't. But I totally want one.
  • People will think we have big balls. Or are batshit crazy.  Either way.
  • I might finally learn how to check the air pressure in the car tires. Or, and this plan is just formulating now, I might stand at the embassy gas thingie with a sad, "my husband is in Afghanistan and I'm all alone" face and get someone else to do it for me out of pity. 
  • I will use what I'm sure is to be my new favorite excuse for getting out of things: "I'm sorry, I can't possibly come to your cat's birthday party.  You see, my husband is serving in Afghanistan." 
  • I get to keep my job. Unless I get fired for letting the eff word slip in my column.  But then, I'll be all, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to use the eff word. My husband is serving in Afghanistan."  You see how it works?
  • Mitch never had a sandbox as a kid.
Badum-bump.  Thank you, and I'll be here all year!


Janie McClarin said...

You can do this. We have been in your place many times. It sucks ass, but you will make it through. If Mitch needs help with or advice on the shit the government doesn't tell you about living in Iraq/Afghanistan/"undisclosed locations", he can always message Richard. Giving the whole stinky situation a positive spin, it ia a fucking GOLDMINE for black humor. Trust me on this.

Anonymous said...

Those are all totally positive and awesome events. I'm glad you'll be able to stay in a familiar place for this tour. That said, I'm sorry this is a part of Foreign Service life but it is lucky to have you in it.

Mrs.Jamieson said...

You never cease to AMAZE me. You are one hell of a woman with an amazing Husband & family. You guys never eneter into anything with out great care and consideration and never miss an opportunity for adventure and growth. So,here is to the coming year and everything it will bring you!

Lynda said...

I have been waiting for this post because as usual, I am the last to know. WOWZA!!! is my first reaction. Someday, Jack will kneel down and kiss your feet for this decision if he isn't doing it already. Kate, you have already proven yourself gutsy beyond what you think you are capable of, and Mitch is too smart of a guy not to weigh all the options. The U.S. Gov. is lucky to have him anywhere on the planet and I'm sure Brasilia is thanking their lucky stars to keep the Remaining Romero's (feel free to use that title in a blog post). We here in Coupeville are striving to keep your former residence somewhat respectful. Keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

Word from a friend currently posted in A'stan: They have Burka wine cozies. How is that for awesome? Best of luck from Istanbul.

Kate said...

You guys are all the best!

Shawn said...

I'm on the downhill slide of a tour in Kabul and while I can't say I like it, it isn't all bad. The money, the R&Rs, the locals who work at the Embassy, there are some good aspects.

Don't be afraid to play the "Afghanistan" card as often as necessary.