Sunday, October 14, 2012

When Mom's Away

"We're probably going to go camping when you're gone," Mitch said last week.  "Well, make sure you pack bug spray and sunblock and headache medicine and extra water and jackets and don't take any unnecessary risks," I nervously replied.

And these are the pictures he sent me of their "camping" trip:

Do those helmets look very snug to you?

400 feet above the ground. 2/3 of those girls came out of my body.

Henry. Thank gah my little ladies didn't attempt this with their sketchy swim skills.

Oh, wait.  They did.

Don't worry, he survived, so the kids weren't stranded in Brazil with no parents.

Pretty sure they are all wearing seatbelts.

I'm really glad Mitch didn't tell me what he had planned in advance, or I would have worried all weekend. As you can see, the kids had an amazing time. Meanwhile, Jack is in Sao Paulo at some service conference or somesuch.

 Can't wait to get back there and do some risk management.


Daniela Swider said...

Those pictures do look fun! You make sure you rest plenty, so you can get well soon and be back there as soon as possible. Sending lots of hugs and healthy vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

OMG! those are my grandkids....please be careful with you all

Anonymous said...

I used this to inspire Erik - and to show him what I expect of him as soon as the girls are a bit older - except, maybe something a bit less risky!!! But hard to have that great a time without a bit of risk;-) Mitch, you are one rockin dad!

Lynda said...

I would definitely have to be out of the country and heavily sedated for my kids to have this much fun. So happy for all of you!

Nomads By Nature said...

I bet you they'd be happy to go back and give you a turn when you are mended and home!