Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Update

I don't have a topic today. Which is totally different from my normal scintillating topics of barf, insects, and, well, I can't even think of anything else I write about. We are leaving the rainy season and entering the dry season, and it is hot. Just lifting my fingers to type is a chore right now. Also, with each new season comes a slew of different insects (here I go again-but I promise there's no barf in this post). I was attacked by some creature yesterday and now I'm walking around with what looks like giant and perky red boobs all over my legs. You're welcome!

We haven't gone anywhere or done anything because our A/C in the car broke and we are awaiting a part from the states, and Gah knows I'm way too delicate of a flower to drive around with a pile of kids and no A/C.  Despite the heat and the bugs, everyone is generally pretty happy. Jack made it home safe and sound from Rio and is very bummed that all his American friends are getting their driver's permits and licenses. The driving age in Brazil is 18. Poor little angel.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! 

I'm even starting to get busy. I got a job. I will be writing a newsletter for a charitable organization I belong to here, mostly a group of expat women, so thankfully it's all in English. The competition for this job was nonexistent fierce and the pay is nonexistent competitive. I will probably get fired once they realize my only writing skills center around barf and bugs. I'm also making friends bit by bit. That has been challenging for me, because you have to leave your house and be s-s-social and all, which I'm allergic to.

The kids are getting pretty good at portuguese. The other afternoon the girls were playing outside and the gardener, just about finished with his work, wiped his brow and sat on a rock in the shade to try and cool down a bit. Often, I give the guy a Skol (Brazilian beer) at the end of the day. So, without missing a beat, Olivia goes, "VocĂȘ quer uma cerveja?"  That's portugeuse for "Would you like a beer?" I'm pleased that they're learning hospitality at that over-priced school of theirs. I would prefer she teach me how to ask him "Would you like to wash my car?", however.  I'm the only one I know who doesn't have their gardener wash their car here, but I don't want my kids to get lazy, so I make them wash it. They do a pretty crappy job, too.

Mitch has been playing on the embassy softball team and enjoying that, but I'm not thrilled with all the nursemaid-ing that occurs in the days that follow the games. At his last game, he was speeding towards third and was about to get out. You could hear from the stands a blonde, barf and bug-obsessed lady clearly shouting, "DON'T SLIDE!  DON'T SLIDE!"  Thankfully, he didn't slide and while he was tagged out, it was without much injury, so a definite win. For me. And since I'm the heroine of this story, that's all that counts, right?


Anonymous said...

From Aunt Kimmy,

I miss you little buggers.

Lisa said...

What? No pictures of the booby-fied legs?

I'm impressed with the girls Portuguese. My kids have pretty much just learned to call each other names in Spanish. I'm so proud.

Kate said...

Miss you too, Aunt Kimmy! And Lisa, I did take a picture, but it was just too gross. Even for the internet.

Anonymous said...

Its about time you posted something. We were having withdrawls. WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!
Love Aunt Marci