Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rainy Season

We are loving the rain. It feels like home, only wetter and with lots of thunder.
 When we're done standing around admiring the rain, we lay around and admire it some more.

Tomorrow, I'm thrilled to report that our HHE shipment of goods is being delivered. I'm dying to see what my husband deemed important enough to ship to Brazil, since the kids and I were in the good Washington during packout.

We are soooo ready for our stuff, although we have been keeping ourselves busy doing things like weaving baskets with debris from the yard,

Observing the abundant creepy crawly creatures,

Playing with orphans,

And designing our dream house (that masters degree in architecture finally pays off!).

I waste spend a fair amount of time on the crack that is Pinterest coming up with new ideas for Mitch to incorporate into the house, because he is a lucky man and I am helpful like that.
Keep your fingers crossed that my Bumble and Bumble hair product made it, because my afro is getting bigger with each rain.


Becky said...

That basket is really cool. It looks like you guys are really embracing the place and having a good time. That's awesome.

Linsey said...

HHE arrival day is such an adventure. Even when I do the packing myself I always wonder what I was thinking a few times as I unpack the boxes.

I'm crossing my fingers for you hair products, I feel your curly, frizzy, rain makes it worse pain.

Daniela Swider said...

Pinterest is totally crack! I am trying real hard to control my addiction but am not always successful...