Saturday, October 22, 2011

"And stop sword fighting in there, too!"

I woke up on Monday with the usual crick in my neck from the world's worst state department bed, but I wasn't cranky. I was overjoyed that it would be the last time I slept on the infernal thing, because our HHE (all our important stuff)  was arriving that day.  Of course you know with an opening like that, there is no way the bed made it. I mean, most of the bed made it, but the guts that you inflate to your perfect dream sleep were somehow brutally separated from it's heavenly counterparts. I won't lie. I cried. But then I got over it, moved the crappy bed from Jack's room and back into our room, and put clean sheets on it. Okay, the maid put clean sheets on it. See? Already things were looking up. I hate putting sheets on beds. We also have no Halloween decorations and a teak outdoor table with no chairs, but nothing important was broken, and we are overjoyed to have our belongings.

A few weeks before we packed out from Virginia, on an evening when Mitch was away on a TDY, I decided to have a glass of wine. Or two. Maybe two and a half. At which point my teenager suggested I buy a trampoline to bring to Brazil. And even though I've never even considered letting my children play on a trampoline (I'm the mom who makes them wear helmets while sledding),  at that moment it sounded like a GREAT idea. So I ordered one right then and there, as per my child's instruction, lest I sober up change my mind.  And then I kind of forgot about it until it was delivered with the rest of our stuff. We had the movers put it together before they left and Mitch just stood there with his arms crossed and his angry eyes.

"Um. Look, honey, I got the extra big one with the safety net!" I said, encouragingly. He finally conceded that it didn't seem so bad with the safety net.

The only problem is, when the boys saw the safety net, they immediately both had one thought.



Jen said...

We LOVED our trampoline in Iceland! Think we had one injury in 3 years and they went out in rain, sleet, snow and freezing cold temps. Heck, the guinea pig even "enjoyed" it. Too bad it exploded in a windstorm the night Nicholas was due...*sigh*

Heather Dray said...

Maybe, just maybe, the trampoline would be super comfy to sleep on. I recommend you and the mister have a camp out! Then he'll see how awesome the purchase really is.

Anonymous said...

Oh, MAN! I so feel for you about the bed! We were in the States for seven years, and somehow, in that time frame, SD beds got even WORSE! Ours are rocklike. I woke up in pain every morning until the HHE arrived. My husband has back issues, so we sent on of those inflatable beds, too, and thank heaven I let him talk me into it. I bet you can order the missing bits from the company. Get on Skype and cry a little if you have to!

Nomads By Nature said...

I think my last attempt to comment got eaten - lovely reliable internet in Africa! Anywho, I say put the tramp in the MB! It would be much more comfortable til you get your HHEd bed all sorted -- and fun!! CAGE FIGHT! ;)