Thursday, September 22, 2011

You know where to come if you get a headache.

I've had a blissful day putting my UAB things away. It was only eight boxes of stuff, but having not seen anything except what we had in our suitcases since June, it was quite a celebration around here. So much so that Henry, uh, got "sick" and had to stay home from school and play xBox all day today. I know, you don't have to tell me about my excellent mothering skills.

Everyone got something they really, really wanted.  Olivia got her Dog Academy Playset and she and Grace got two bins full of skanky Barbies and dolls and stuffed animals. I've barely seen them since they disappeared into their room to play.

Henry also got one of his bins of Legos and Jack got one of his guitars. We also got our desktop and the wireless modem so we can now use our laptops and Kindle wi-fi and whatnot. Right on the day that Kindle began lending library books, which, YAY.

Mitch and I were happy to have our own coffee mugs and I have all my lovely kitchen things. Well, not all, but at least the most important ones.

Hello, Lover:

We got some weird stuff, too, like my blender box but no blender. One thing we got that I had no idea how happy it would make me is the pepper grinder. The only pepper you can find here is this powdery stuff, and forget about peppercorns.

Oh, and we got something else! But before I show you, you must first know that my kids get migraines, and if they take ibuprofen right away, their heads don't spin around while vomit spews all over the room. So, you can imagine that having ibuprofen on hand is very important to me. Would you like to know how important?

This important:


Becky said...

Hooray for UAB!

Bfiles said...

oh yay I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! have been sending positive shipment thoughts your way. way to make it happen!

Simonetta said...

Glad your stuff finally arrived. I fully understand the pepper thing. I have had that nasty powdery stuff they mistake for pepper and have started bringing my own when I travel.