Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, we have some bananas.

Cheap telescoping piece of junk that broke upon first
use: R$ 47

Curved machete/zombie killing blade to stick on the end of
the CTPOJ: R$ 26
Sheet from welcome kit that became permanently stained with banana juice: $ undetermined

Chiropracter/massage therapist bills for ruined shoulder, about  R$ 125
Acquiring bananas from our very own tree, about -minus $200 um, PRICELESS!


Connie said...

We used to have banana trees in our yard when I was a kid in Florida. If we couldn't reach the bananas, we chopped the whole tree down with a sharp machete. The darn things grow like grass and there'd be a new tree there the next day (well, almost that fast). Cleaning up broken banana trees after storms was a common chore. You might want to try the recipe on this page with your hard-earned fruit 'loot'. :)

Kate said...

Thanks, Connie!

Camille said...

What in the world is banana juice?

Jen said...

That's awesome!

Daniela Swider said...

Priceless indeed! Hope you are OK after the wildfires.