Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monkey business and a tour

I've been meaning to put pics up of the inside of our house, but we've been very busy doing important stuff.  Like this:

And this:
That's right, it's a monkey in our backyard.  We have lots of them living up in the trees. Today Olivia decided to see if she could get one to come down by feeding it a banana. The minute the banana was placed on the roof of the rabbit house, this little guy popped right down to eat it. Until Seamus came to tell him to get the hell away from his kids, that is. It will be interesting to see how this dog/child/monkey relationship plays out.

So, the house. here are the few pics I've taken. Keep in mind that none of our stuff is here yet (not even our UAB-still no toys or KitchenAid mixer or knife sharpener or pizza stones), so this is pretty much what it looked like the day we got here.  I did rearrange the livingroom furniture, because it was all put on one end of the super huge room, leaving a large, empty area on the other half. We tried using the empty space for a dance floor for a while, but I kept hitting my head on the ceiling fan.

The entry way. To the left is a guest bathroom, and to the right is what will be the kids' art room. But first, the living room, which is straight ahead. Brace your eyes:
This photo does not do justice to the white, gray, and MAUVE striped Drexel couches. On top of the stripes is also a raised floral pattern, because they had to throw every early-80s style trend they could, apparently.   I have two sets of slipcovers coming.

Also to the left of the entry way, just past the guest bath, is a tv room/office with an appropriate dirt colored couch. It is made of burlap.  I'm not kidding. However, I find that even burlap is lovelier than mauve and gray floral, and so does the dog.

The kids' art room. Lots of storage, more 80's stylings with the cabinets, but I think this will be great for all their stuff. So glad we packed the art table, which is currently, finally, on it's way from Maryland.

The soul-sucking lightless kitchen. Do you see a dishwasher?  Me neither.  Thank gawd I had all these kids or I'd have to handwash the dishes myself.  On the positive side, there is plenty of storage and the countertops are nice. 

To the left of the kitchen is the ginormous dining room, with the same dining furniture everyone from state has. But do you FS people have tiny ants marching by after every meal, providing your children with an extra shot of protein?  No?  Suckahs!

On the other side of the kitchen is the huge utility room. At the end are two maids' rooms and a full bath.

The maids' rooms are small, but do have windows. Mitch is going to set up his drafting table in one and Jack has plans for a drum kit in the other one. God help us all.

Up the stairs (shhhh, everybody is sleeping) are the bedrooms and more bathrooms.

There are three bathrooms upstairs and they all pretty much look like this:

The master bedroom, with more Drexel furniture. You can't tell by this photo that the mattress is entirely made of concrete, but I promise, it is! 

The girls' bedroom. They have a private bath like us, while the boys have a bath between their rooms. The best part of this set up is that I never have to go in the boys' bathroom, which, if anyone who has a couple of boys can tell you, is most definitely a good thing.  The boys have identical rooms, but with only one twin bed, so I'll spare you more boring bedroom pics. I have a bunch of cute stuff in the UAB to help jazz up the bedrooms, but I may have mentioned that we DON'T HAVE OUR AIR BAGGAGE yet. 

Oops, I  almost forgot. Cupcake, shortly after he shed his skin:

So, there you have it, the 10 centavo tour. I will do after pics when we get our stuff. We are pretty happy with this house, and will be overjoyed when our stuff gets here so we can clutter it up.  Meanwhile, you can find us lounging on the patio, doing hard time while we wait.


Heather Dray said...

Can't wait to get me some o' that Drexel furniture. That's a fine dining room set. And I *heart* concrete mattresses, too...

Love the photos, but you should be shoe shopping on the innernets right now!

Daniela Swider said...

The house does look nice and roomy. I am no fan of the Drexel furniture, so I am dreading the moment when we will have to live with our own set but what can you do...

I do like the monkeys and the hammocks!

Bfiles said...

beautiful house! Lots of space. I'm going to go right out there and say that I like the striped couch. And so funny to see the same lamps!