Saturday, March 7, 2015


Our trip to Paris was quick. The weather was gorgeous, but the kids were in various stages of crud, so we didn't stay long. Mitch "talked me into" having a million dollar bottle of champagne. For lunch. Because Paris. I was against it, of course. HAHAHA! Just kidding, day drinking is the best.

Paris notes: Not one person was rude to me. I felt like I would never be able to see everything even if I stayed for a month. Traffic sucks so hard. The food we had was insanely good. A tiny bottle of sparkling water was SIX EUROS. That's about $7.25 USD, or $1 per sip. You have to pay to use the bathrooms. WHAT'S WITH ALL THE FRENCH BULLDOGS? A member of our family purchased a beret because he thought it would be funny. We'll see how funny he thinks it was when he gets the divorce papers. Smoking is still a thing there. It was clean and there really are cafes on every corner.


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Wolfer said...

You and Mitch must go back to Paris. Mike and I spent over three weeks in France (much of it in Paris) in September of last year (2014). Best time to go is October -- the wine harvest, fewer tourists, great weather...Keep it in mind and don't wait to finish every last one of your projects. Do learn as much French as you can before you go. It's not an absolutely necessity but makes the time there much more fun and meaningful.