Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day Counting is Stupid

Half the reason I rarely blog is because I don't feel like looking at the number at the top, so I'm quitting keeping a counter as my blog post titles.  We are cruising along.  Olivia has been pretty miserable over the past year, and is currently way underweight for her height, so we've spent the last few weeks doing allergy testing.  So far we've found out she's gluten intolerant and allergic to peanuts.  Since she hates peanuts and peanutbutter, we never figured that one out. She's been very brave with all the poking and blood drawing and poop collecting.  Nothing bothered her.

40 pokes at this session, not a tear was shed.

When we went over the first round of results, Olivia didn't even bat an eye at the news of a gluten sensitivity and she didn't care about the peanut thing.  But when the doctor sat down and said, "do you have a dog?", her eyes filled with tears.  Yes, it turns out that my daughter, who prefers dog companionship to any human, is cruelly allergic to dogs.   She was inconsolable in the doctor's office.  Even the doc had tears in her eyes. She cried the whole way home.  "What about all my neighborhood dog friends?"  It was pretty awful.

We are definitely keeping Seamus.  He's a non-shedder, which helps, and I bought some special shampoo for the groomer to use on him.  She is no longer allowed to sleep with him or give him his bath.  We will find out the rest of the results at the end of the week.
Talking to her Dad.

Meanwhile, I have been having an acupuncturist come to the house twice a week for my carpal tunnel (another reason I avoid blogging is from hand pain, and I prefer playing Candy Crush to blogging most of the time).  I am so going to miss Brazil and all the services you can get in your house for very little money.

We have a guy who will come and give Seamus a bath and haircut for $15.  Sure, his haircuts are ugly (see above), but who does he have to impress?  None of the bitches in our neighborhood even give him the time of day, what with him having no balls and all.


Trixie said...

Love your blog--I'm an FSO hopeful who discovered you a few months ago. Just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about the allergy issues. I'm sure you and your Dr (and your daughter) have already considered allergy injections. They do work like a charm--I was one of those kids allergic to all animals, but post-diagnosis, had no problems with with cats & dogs in the house or riding horses once I started a program with regular shots. They were also formulated to take care of other inside and outside allergens. They continued until I went to college and many years later, I can keep things at bay with seasonal meds, though I do keep a pet free house by choice. I'd probably start up again if I did decide to get a cat or dog. Acupuncture might help, too---who knows?

Kim Hodge said...

Poor little precious angel. I wanna come through this phone and hug the allergies out of her. Too bad my boobs are gone. They have magical healing powers.