Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Not Really Here, I Just Stopped By to Drop Off Some Links

Nothing much has been happening in Brazil these days, the kids are going to school and we're going to work (Can you believe I haven't been fired yet? And they don't even care if it's the same old crap I write on here).  I do have a little announcement coming up, but we're waiting until it's official, so stay tuned.  I mean, don't stay tuned by hanging around here, because it's boring, but go do fun stuff and I'll let you know.  How does that sound?  Like I've had too much wine?  WINK! ;-)

Even when nothing's going on, I still have to write for work, so I wrote about our car dying, a ring I bought but didn't deserve, and the shitty haircuts our dog has been getting.

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