Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bom Carnaval, Brazil

It's Carnaval here in Brazil, and do you know what that means?  Well, yes, it does mean boobs and butts, but that's not what I meant. I'm talking about another week off of school for my darling children. Since my husband works seventy days a week, the kids and I will be enjoying spending a lot of time together at home instead of partying in Rio. But I'm not bitter. I welcome the opportunity, because it's been WEEKS since my kids were home for the long summer break. Jack's band has barely had a chance to practice since school started back up, so they're planning on catching up during the break. Don't hate me because I've got free live music at my house 24/7.

The end of Carnaval on Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, and even though we are no longer practicing Catholics, it's still kind of fun to think of things to give up for Lent.

Mitch:  What are you giving up for Lent?

Kate: My sunny disposition.

Mitch:  You cannot give up that which you do not have.

Kate:  Shut up, as*hole.

Mitch:  **crickets (and a smirk)

Valentine's Day is also coming up, and although I think Valentine's Day sucks, I wrote about it for work and even made up my own special valentines, which you can print out and use for yourself, if you're so inclined. They're very romantical!


Anonymous said...

Very, VERY well written, Whites, especially the one about the maggots.

Anonymous said...

I meant you.