Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Papai Noel

This morning, I dusted off my black heart, dragged my kids out of bed bright and early, and we went with the Marines at post to deliver toys to a local orphanage. We also brought our friend, Papai Noel (aka Santa to you northerners).

Apparently, Olivia considers this ratty red t-shirt and cutoffs her "holiday" outfit (see previous post).


Henry the Rice-Carrying Man
 We also helped deliver bags of food (donated by people from the embassy), clothes, and special toys for really sick kids (I did not take photos of the sick kids). They live in a facility attached to the orphanage, and it is run solely on donations.

It's been hard to get in the Christmas spirit whith everything going on lately, but today helped give me a little nudge.


Anonymous said...

Truly a "feel good" story, Whites/

Nomads By Nature said...

Love you and your black heart - this will be a Christmas that the kids really remember for so many reasons. Love to see families get out and do, you are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas thing to do! Your kids are so lucky to have parents like the two of you!
Hope you had a great Christmas yourselves!
The best of everything in 2013!