Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We interrupt this break for a short break.

Hi there. I've been loving my time unplugged and hanging with my loved ones, but in an effort to remain silent while my children are in their 12th hour of much-needed sleep, I thought I'd drop off a few pics. We hare having a wonderful time, trying to savor every moment while avoiding thinking about how long it will be before we see everyone again. I've lost two cameras, so these are the only photos I have right now. We've been to Priest Lake, Spokane, Seattle, and Whidbey Island and are headed back to Seattle and Spokane tomorrow, followed by DC and then Brazil next week. Até logo!
Priest Lake.  Pretty easy on the eyes.

Grace tries on a new outfit, resulting in a sandy coinslot.

Nothing better than a teenaged girl cousin.

After donning their bullet-proof vests, the cousins armed themselves and set out to retrieve the floating dock that had been stolen back and forth between our kids and another group of young resort-goers. It escalated into an all-out gang war while all the adults sat back laughing and drinking their wine.  As it should be.

Raisedbywolves got her hair combed and straightened by Mackenzie (see above). I've never been allowed near her hair in this manner, and she assures me I never WILL be allowed near her hair in this manner. I wonder how old you have to be for a Brazilian blowout?

Kids' karaoke night and Grace's first attempt at stardom. Also, I'm pretty sure
whoever invented kids' karaoke night hates humanity.
More cousin time.


Jill said...

Hooray for having a great time on vacation! :)

Heather Dray said...

AWESOME! I was beginning to think you had been eaten by wolves, since we've heard/seen neither hide nor hair in a while. ;P Glad you're off having fun and enjoying time with the family!

Kate said...

Hey, when I say I'm on a break, I mean it! Also, my hand is crippled and I have to type everything out with my left pointer finger right now.

LBG said...

I know I never really see you guys. But I will miss you nonetheless. You will have fantastic adventures, as always. Much love and stuff. Something in my eye, dang it...